Four of the best TRON casino dividend tokens
February 18, 2020

Gambling on the TRON blockchain has been on the rise in recent months.

Despite the volatility experienced in the altcoin space, the TRON network has continued to grow.  Much of this growth has been attributed to the multiple gambling casinos and DApps that have launched on the TRON network.

These DApps have provided users with a chance to win big. They have also given users a chance to earn TRON-based TRC-20 tokens from casinos, that give them the right to a share of the profits of that casino.

Similar to how you can mine Bitcoin by solving complex mathematical computations, you can earn (mine) TRON casino DApp tokens by playing games on the platforms launched on the TRON network. You can then stake – or ‘freeze’ – these tokens to gain dividends, which in most cases are paid out daily.

So, if you’re looking for TRON gambling tokens that will continuously make you money (win or lose), this guide is for you. In this guide, we’ll highlight the best four TRON casino dividend tokens for 2019 and beyond.

$WIN (WinK.Org)

WinK (formally Tronbet) was the first gambling token on the TRON network.

With a market cap of $359 million (16,583,400,000 TRX) – based on total supply – and a trading value of $ 0.00003472 (0.016 TRX), it’s the leading gambling token in the world.

Among other tokens in this list, WinK has been paying dividends for the longest period making it a safe choice. WinK also has the most extensive library of games, which gives you a chance to earn dividends from a wide array of sources.

WinK also boasts of having its own scaling solutions for games, which allows you to enjoy uber fast transactions at no costs.

These features along with the socialization and staking capabilities offered in the WinK platform make this token one of the best Tron casino dividend tokens in 2019

$VCOIN (TronVegas)

With an average of more than 3000 daily users, VCOIN (TronVegas’ in-house coin) is another excellent blockchain casino dividend token.

You can mine (earn) VCOIN by playing the different games on the platform.

Although VCOIN had previously experienced sporadic trading (especially after its launch), it has recently been experiencing an increase in value. At the time of writing the coin was trading at $ 0.0025389 (1.17 TRX), which was a 3.5% gain.

So, if you’re looking for a relatively new casino token coin with a large following, VCoin is the token for you.

$ACE (TronACE)

Ace is the native token for the TronACE platform, which is looking to be the most popular gaming and incubation network.

TronAce offers an open-source platform that will be instrumental in empowering developers, enabling them to launch and distribute DApps quickly. This feature is meant to attract more developers, which is likely to result in more games on the platform.

More games on the platform would mean more chances for you to earn dividends by playing the games.

There’s more:

Whenever TronAce makes any profits, 70% of these profits will be added to the dividend pool and then distributed to Ace holders during the next distribution period (which is usually in 24 hours).

With a current price of $ 0.00000434 (0.002 TRX) and a market cap of $ 329,839.98, this token is a worthy buy.

$PLAY (Play GOC)

Taking the final spot on our list of the best five TRON casino dividend tokens, is PLAY, the in-house token for the Play GOC platform.

If you’re looking for a token that will earn you exciting rewards years after your initial investment, PLAY is the token for you. The Play GOC platform contains an array of games which you can play using the native token PLAY.

With a total number of 2,674 unique users (This number is rising as more games are introduced to the platform), this is the right time to invest in the PLAY token.

Which casino token? The choice is yours…

As more people look to explore the world of blockchain casinos and gambling, in house tokens are bound to see increased growth. All the tokens discussed above have the potential for exponential growth. Their native platforms are constantly attracting more users as more DApps launch on these networks.

So, if you’re a gambler looking for the best tokens to earn you dividends while you play, these tokens should be part of your portfolio.

However, like any investment advice, you’re advised to do your research before making any purchase.

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Four of the best TRON casino dividend tokens

Gambling on the TRON blockchain has been on the rise in recent months. Despite the volatility experienced in the altcoin space, the TRON network has continued to grow.  Much of this growth has been attributed to the multiple gambling casinos and DApps that have...

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