888TRON review: The next generation of TRON casino
888TRON is among a handful of TRON casinos and betting websites that have generated massive hype in recent weeks. Here’s our review.

Since the TRON gambling craze has reached the moon, only a few casinos and betting websites have managed to offer an experience to players that sets them apart from the crowd.

One of these is 888tron.com, a crypto casino on the TRON blockchain that offers players provably fair gaming across three great games.

Here is the full CryptoGamblingNews.com review of 888TRON.

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888tron gear of fortune

Three great games on 888TRON

888TRON offers three fantastic games to users.

The first of these is Dice52, a great take on the traditional over/under dice game using cards. Players are challenged to predict whether the next card drawn will be over, under or exactly the same as the card displayed.

The chance and odds multiplier of each wager are clearly displayed underneath, meaning you know exactly how best to make your choice.

The game runs smoothly and quickly, and is of course totally provably fair thanks to the TRON blockchain.

We particularly like the interface, which is easy to use and looks great.

The second game on 888TRON is called Gear of Fortune. This is a take on a traditional roulette game, but in our view far more interesting.

Instead of picking black or red, or an individual number, players are challenged to pick the multiplier they would like to win.

You are given a choice of trying to multiply you stake by 2x, 5x, 6x, 10x or 20x. Of course, the higher multipliers are riskier, but pay out big wins. Stake 500 TRX at 20x and you could win an impressive 10,000 TRX on a single spin.

While we were playing, we saw a payout of 160,00 TRX – not bad for a single spin of the wheel!

The final game is perhaps our favourites, and all too rare on TRON casinos – a crypto slot machine.

Simply called Crypto Slots, the game is a great 5×3 reel slot with fast and furious action.

The problem with slots at traditional casinos is that you can’t be sure the game is fair and not rigged against you. With Crypto Slots, the first TRON slot, you know everything is provably fair.

The TRON slot lets you play up to 10 lines at the same, giving the potential for some huge payouts.

Make money at 888TRON

What we love most about 888TRON is that as you play, you automatically mine 888TRON’s own TRC-20 888 token. The more you play at 888TRON, the more 888 tokens you receive. At time of writing, every 1,050 TRX bet at 888TRON will generate you one 888 token.

These tokens give you a share of the casino’s profits in the form of a dividend. These dividends can be substantial, often several hundred thousand TRX each day, so having a store of 888 tokens mined and frozen on the network is definitely worthwhile.

888 tokens can also be traded on exchanges, such as TronTrade.io. They are currently trading at around 4.2 TRX per 888 token, which equals about $0.11. According to CoinGecko, there is a total supply of 100 million 888 tokens, giving them a total market cap of around $11 million. Not bad at all!

We love that 888TRON rewards its players with 888 tokens the more they play, and gives these players a real stake in the casino and a chance to profit from its success.

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888tron review

Is 888TRON legit? Can it be trusted?

888TRON is one of the more established and widely trusted crypto casinos on the TRON blockchain.

According to data from DAppRadar, around 2,000 players use 888TRON every day. These players gambled 48.1 million TRX over the last seven days, which is equal to about $1.3m. To us at least, this shows that 888TRON is handling high volumes of both money and players – the consensus seems to be that this is a good place to play.

To find out more about the team at 888TRON, we recommend reading its whitepaper, which can be found online.

What else should I know about 888TRON?

888TRON is a full decentralized platform built upon the TRON blockchain using smart contracts. As bets are made directly from your wallet, they do not have access to your TRX tokens or passwords. This means your funds are always safe when playing, even if the site is hacked.

When you win a bet or spin on 888TRON, the payment is instant. The only delay will be caused by the network bandwidth on the TRON network. The 888TRON smart contracts have proven to be stable and without failure and errors. It is one of the biggest creators of transactions on the TRON network, at peak times accounting for up to 40 percent of all transactions – more than 30 per second.

888TRON was also the winner of the TRON Network accelerator.

What is next for 888TRON?

The 888TRON team has an exciting roadmap with some great new features coming soon.

According to its whitepaper, more languages will be added to the platform soon. It is currently available in English, German, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish. This means the casino has a truly international following.

New games will be added over the coming months too. These include European Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, To the Moon and FlipFlop. We are excited to see these games, given what a great job 888TRON has done with its existing games.

Also on the roadmap is a major development competition and research into acquiring relevant licensing.

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The Final Word

888TRON is probably the slickest, best-looking TRON casino currently available. We absolutely love its Crypto Slots game, which is a first-of-its-kind. Even better, the 888 TRC-20 token you earn while playing gives players a stake in the casino itself.

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