POKER TRON review: The best TRON video poker game
Bringing video poker, a traditional table game classic, to the tron blockchain for the first time means poker tron is gaining plenty of attention.

Those familar with traditional casinos will know video poker is a staple offering of any good one. An easy game to learn the basics of, but one that is truly tricky to completely master.

Everybody has their own system and it’s a much loved addition any casino. So it’s no surprise to see bring it to life via the TRON blockchain.



While many TRON casinos are happy to regurgitate the old dice and moon game, Poker Tron has taken it upon itself to be that little bit more ambitious by adding its own video poker.

It’s its main offering and for each hand, five cards are drawn. Players are then given the chance to choose the cards they wish to hold on to by clicking them before the deck is drawn again.

You then have to hope you produce a winning hand, with the multipliers of rare hands on Poker Tron proving substantial.

For example, if you are fortunate enough to come away with a royal flush you will win 800x your stake. That means it would only take a 1,500 TRX wager to land a 1.2m TRX prize. Not bad.

Of course, the multiplier is 800x for a reason. But there are smaller levels of winning combinations available and while playing on site we found we regularly hit a pair of jacks or better.

But it gets even more interesting as your stake is doubled id you land two pair doubles, trebles stakes if you hit three-of-a-kind and a straight quadruples it.

It’s safe to say Poker Tron’s video poker is a welcome edition to the TRON blockchain and like all games available, it’s provably fair so players can rest assured knowing they have a chance.


Like all good casinos, Poker Tron is always looking to add to its offerings and will soon offer blackjack to its players. Another table classic, it’s sure to prove popular with players.

Speed is very important to TRON blockchain fans and there is no waiting around for cards to be drawn, while the interface is clean and easy to use, especially when adjusting your stake.

Other DApps do offer blackjack as an option but Poker Tron’s version is expected to be very good.


Poker Tron boasts two great games and if that wasn’t enough, it also helps players earn extra money through bonusing.

It’s easy to get started, simply betting more than 100 TRX gives qualifies you for a weekly bonus rounds. With each seven-day competition rewarding those who hit the rarest hands the most.

Maybe not the easiest leader board to top, but those who do see themselves at the summit are credited with a bonus of 30,000 TRX, with prizes for those lower down the rankings.



Like many TRON-focused casinos, players can also earn dividends  of the casino’s profits as they play.

So, the more you play the more PKT tokens you earn. Depending on the stage of mining, players can earn themselves one PKT for each 50-445 TRX they wager.

It’s always changing, but when this article was written the rate was one PKY for every 70 TRX wagered. Not a bad return, especially if you get in early before it increases.

The casino’s dividends can be worth in excess of 1million TRX so it’s not to be scoffed at. Just make sure you freeze your PKT tokens to get your share.

There is a total of 100m PKT tokens but we are only in the early stages of mining. PKT tokens can also be bought and sold on Kiwidex, a decentralized exchange, another way to help you make it pay.


Gambling at Poker Tron is done so via your personal TRON wallet, so there’s never any concerns about a casino holding onto your funds.

Another element of security and safety is that all games are provably fair thanks to the TRON Blockchain. All hands can be tracked, meaning games cannot be fixed as all are random.

Your TRX is exactly that, yours and leaving it in your own wallet means to can sell it on the exchanges at any time. Plus, those who do win big can claim their prize instantly at Poker Tron and other TRON DApps.

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The Final Word

Offering video poker as one of its games is sure to prove popular with players, especially as poker tron’s tweaks make it the most modern and up-to-date version of the game around. The action is fast and the potential payouts can be huge, especially if you are lucky enough to land a royal flush. With more games coming soon, we couldn’t recommend poker tron highly enough.

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