review: In-depth look at leading crypto casino
Designed as the ultimate TRON dapp gaming environment, offers you plenty of fresh opportunities to turn your $TRX wagers into winners. is an ambitious project that puts a fresh twist on a familiar concept – iGaming, and specifically the TRON casino experience. The project has innovated far and wide in the casino world, introducing a fantastic selection of games, challenges, contests, and new and imaginative way to commit $TRX currency. review: In-depth look at leading crypto casino

***Give a spin and enjoy one of the most innovative crypto iGaming experience out there***

Offering a slightly off-beat experience, we can promise you is one of the top places for you to visit and enjoy when looking for a great cryptocurrency site to play on. Let’s have a look at this TRON dapp gaming environment and see how it captures the immense potential of blockchain. an innovative twist on the TRON gaming experience

Reviewing has been one of the most amusing experiences we have had in a long while. The reason behind this is very simple – innovation at the core. completely reimagines what an iGaming venue should feel and look like in the 21st century, especially one where $TRX is the currency of choice.

As a result, you get to participate in a casino that is completely reimagined to the point that the games are a mix of player-focused titles and casino classics. RocketGame runs multiple fantastic categories, including Player versus Player and regular games.

To top it all off, there is a lottery as well as different challenges and contests. Every member of the community is a valuable addition to and the website offers a very comprehensive Stats section where all players’ feats – past and present – have been well-documented.

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The games themselves are indeed rather different than what you would expect from a traditional casino, but that makes them even more curious to explore in the first place. You will get your hands on fantastic and imaginative titles such as Banker Bull, Monopoly, and Battleship.

Yet, rest assured that staple casino titles, such as Dice, Baccarat, Jacks or Better, and various versions of other dice games are all available for you to test and explore. Even more handily, you can always look up the notorious house edge, duly displayed next to each of the traditional casino games.

This way you always know what the casino has on you and coincides perfectly with’s spirit of transparency. Furthermore, you will get daily missions to complete duly available under “Challenges.” That is definitely another feature to explore for yourself.

Lottery & events: dig in the cool extra gaming options

To make you even happier, has thought of a thing or two it can do. We had a close look at everything available at this gaming portal and found the Event and Lottery section to be just what we needed.

With an early announcement placed ahead of a big event, you can always be in the know as to what’s up next at Better yet, you can alternate the way you spend your $TRX with the help of the Lottery section where you can scoop up a few tickets.

Meanwhile, in titles such as RocketDice, you can get a chance and win a decent jackpot, ranging from anything between $TRX300,000 and $TRX600,000.

Ready to scoop up some awards? is still dancing around the concept of bonuses. As a fully-transparent gaming website, that resembles a community more so than anything else, RocketGame puts great care in explaining every little detail.

Yet, the added value to the player doesn’t necessarily come through a bonus system. Instead, has a reliable road map that allows you to quickly see what is coming next. Users agree that they derive far greater benefit and pleasure from participating in an open community that outlines clear gaming rules rather than bonus-hunting or trying to meet wagering requirements.

As it is, serves its community well focusing on adding features that promise to innovate the experience for new and established players.

A host of cool features planned

Perhaps the best way to truly appreciate is to have a gander at their long, windy and ultimately rewarding roadmap. We have mentioned it in the previous section, but you ought to see for yourself some of the features the gaming portal has planned.

On the front-end, meaning the website yourself, January brings such handy features as Notifications, Forums and Crash, a Player versus Environment style experience. Looking at the long road ahead, we definitely think the wait in 2020 will be worth every month.

There are some fantastic titles planned ahead, including Sky War, Open Face Poker, and Tetris Dice. Come July 30, though, players will enjoy SNG and MTT poker tournaments, adding to the many cool treats has planned for you.

***Launch yourself off to a heavenly $TRX gaming experience with RocketGame***

A trusted TRX gaming venue

In its short life so far, has been nothing but a shining example of a TRON gaming network. More importantly, the project has succeeded not by copying any other website out there, but rather by inventing a completely unique user interface, experience and functionalities.

All products that arrive on the portal are provably fair, giving the website a refreshing and reassuring name. Not only that, but you also have a low house edge to help you along the way and cash in on some outstanding opportunities. Besides, you can still mine if you prefer, at a relatively low-cost, too!

The BTC Rating…


The Final Word defies an outright definition, but this TRON iGaming portal has it all. From featuring some exciting and innovative games to offering you a fair chance to feel part of the community, RocketGame will keep you entertained. That and the potential to win a pretty penny at the same time.

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