Tronext review: bonus and guide to the top TRON casino
December 4, 2019
Recently-launched TRON gambling DApp Tronext is sitting at the top of the rankings. We took a closer look at its games, bonuses and more.

It didn’t take long for Tronext to make its mark in the TRON and TRX gambling and casino scene, recording an incredible 500,000 bets within two days of launch, with a turnover in excess of 150m TRX.

As a strategic partner of Gakex, a popular trading game based around popular crypto binary options, it’s perhaps unsurprising it is doing well and already sits high up in the DApps rankings.



Tronext currently boasts four provably fair offerings on site, all of which are hosted on its TRON blockchain platform, ensuring all game plays are done so legitimately.

The importance of playing in a safe and fair environment is imperative and that is shown in Tronext Dice, a classic game which has already proved popular here at

Offering a simplistic yet clean interface and set in a sharp purple colour, players are given the chance to choose the level of which they want to gamble by simply sliding a bar in the middle of the screen.

In turn, the Tronext Dice interface updates and informs players how much they could win and the percentage of that selection landing.

However, the undoubted highlight with the game is just how fast it is compared to other TRON-based dice games. The action comes thick and fast and means players aren’t left waiting for rolls.

Unique offerings are always worth testing out and it’s safe to say LuckTron is like nothing we have previously seen on TRON DApp.

Players are tasked with choosing a row to bet on as a ball falls through a funnel towards the area. If the balls lands in your chosen area you win an amount based on your original stake and the multiplier it falls within.

This particular is perfect for high rollers looking to stake large amounts of TRON, with the maximum stake per gameplay 65,000 TRX, meaning winning big is certainly possible.

No offering is complete without a slot title and Tronext is a great example of how to do it right.

TRON slots aren’t always available at casinos, so this 5×3 reel offering, which gives you the chance to wager up to 10 lines at a time, is a great addition and is worth checking out, just like the fantastic slot available at 888tron.

Tronext is certainly set up to give players the chance of a big win when three of the same symbols line up. With the star symbol also working as a wild, further enhancing the chance to win.

Roulette is one of the casino industry’s most popular games so it’s no surprise to see Ring, Tronext’s futuristic take on the table game, become the sites’ fourth offering.

Ring allows players to pick one of four colourful multipliers – 2x, 3x, 5x or 50x before spinning and landing in a corresponding section. If your selection proves correct you will then be paid out at the multiplier.

For example, placing a 10 TRX wager on the 50x multiple can leave a player with a very healthy 500 TRX from just one spin. What makes that even more exciting is the community aspect of Ring, which means you can watch other people’s bets staked in real time.

This gives players the chance to either form their own prediction or follow those who seem to have the lucky touch. Meaning those that win can do so proudly in front of other players!


Tronext not only offers players a great variety of games, bit also the chance to earn great bonuses in the form of TNX tokens – offering users another chance to boost their credit.

It’s a simple formula, the more wagers you place on Tronext the more tokens you receive, with each of those tokens giving you dividends from the casinos profits which register every second.

As an example, you can earn one TNX token for each 1,000 – 1,500 TRX gambled on site, so those who remain loyal and play regularly open themselves for some impressive rewards, especially when you consider that all profits are distributed to TNX holders – often in excess of seven million per day.

It’s easy to enter, with players only needing to ‘freeze’ their TNX tokens on the dividend screen. Your share of dividends will then depend on the share of TNX tokens you have frozen at that time.

Therefore, if you freeze 2,000 TNX tokens out of a total one million TNX tokens across the whole platform, you would be entitled to 2/1,000th of that day’s total dividends. Meaning you would earn a total of 14,000 TRX in one 24 hour period. Simply put, an easy investment.

When you consider there are only a mineable supply of 100m TNX tokens, it is no surprise to see them being actively traded on exchanges such as TronTrade.


Having become one of the most popular TRON DApps and casinos already, sitting ninth in the rankings according to DappRadar data, it’s safe to say Tronext has got off to a flying start.

Boasting 1,000 daily users and rising rapidly, it would be no surprise to see Tronext hitting the top of the rankings sooner rather than later.

Already impressive numbers, but these players’ love for the DApp is highlighted further when you consider Tronext’s total volume over the last week was 323m TRX, which is roughly $5.7m.


Operating on the TRON blockchain means players can rest assured that all gameplay is done so fairly, with the legitimacy and fairness of games trackable by all players. Being a decentralized casino also means people are unable to fix offerings or scam users.That means every game play, whether it’s spins, winning numbers or throws of a dice, are all done completely at random thanks to smart contracts on its TRON network.

For that extra bit of security players can also use their address and block number to legitimise all winning players. Tronext really couldn’t be safer.


The Tronext team published a whitepaper highlighting their goals in order to remain fully transparent. It not only highlighted that it was a decentralized platform and online gaming service, but also that it focused on disrupting traditional gaming by offering full transparency as well as offering low house edge limits.

They also stated how committed they are to innovation and development in terms of offerings and that they the best developers of TRON games around in order to live up to their promises.

While a promise to continue to deliver player promotions and new bonuses was also promised having highlighted their generosity recently when giving away 1 million TRX to users as a thank you for their loyalty and on-site activity.



The Final Word

Tronext is certainly the new kid on the block, but it’s already proving popular and gaining more and more friends as it continues to stand out from the crowd. Boasting four exciting and engaging games, provably fair gameplay and fair rewards, tronext certainly means business.

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It didn’t take long for Tronext to make its mark in the TRON and TRX gambling and casino scene, recording an incredible 500,000 bets within two days of launch, with a turnover in excess of 150m TRX. As a strategic partner of Gakex, a popular trading game based around...

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