TronVegas review: Inside a leading TRON casino
December 5, 2019
Tronvegas is already attracting thousands of players to its decentralised casino. Besttroncasino took a closer look.

You have probably already spotted TRON’s rapid rise in popularity when it comes to wagering and placing bets with.

Leading that revolution is TronVegas, posting some impressive daily user numbers and total betting volumes.


tronvegas review


TRON casinos aren’t always renowned for their array of games. However, TronVegas is certainly one of the better sites out there thanks to its higher-than-typical choice of games.

Six games are currently available to play, with more on the way with one title currently in beta testing mode.

Roulette, Dice, SkyRocket, Mines, Digix and Dragon Tiger currently make up the half dozen available for players, with TronSpin the beta title.

While not yet able to challenge traditional online casinos in terms of quality and experience, all games features simple and effective interfaces which allow you to tailor your stakes to your desires.

They are all appealing, but one game that does standout is TronSpin, TronVegas’ version of roulette which features a multitude of colours and more betting markets than the traditional table game.

Dragon Tiger and Digix are adapted versions of dice but TronVegas features some fun animations and it’s great to see the site branch away from more traditional offerings.


All of TronVegas’ games feature on the TRON blockchain, so players can rest in the knowledge that all gameplay can be traced as provably fair.

It’s also possible to keep track of hash data via its transaction ID on TronScan. No player ever has access to these randomly generated hashes, so fairness is not an issue.


One reason to play at Tron Vegas is the fact it has one of the lowest house edges of not only TRON-based casinos, but all casinos.

So make sure you click through via the link at the bottom of the page when completing your sign up in order to qualify for all promotions and bonuses.


TronVegas’ dedicated coin is called VCOIN – and the great news is you can mine them simply by playing on the site. So, for every bet place, regardless of whether it’s a winner or a loser, you will receive an amount of VCOIN for free. That means the more you bet, the more you can earn.

As you bet you will be rewarded with a percentage of the casino’s daily profits. A fixed total supply of 200m VCOIN are available and up to 60% of total TronVegas profits are paid out.

Another reason to take note is news that it will be launched on the TRON Mainnet as a decentralized exchange That not only means you can store in to receive TronVegas dividends, but also buy and sell VCOIN.


TronVegas is a decentralized Tron-specific gambling site available to players all around the world. But remember to check with your local authorities to see whether you are permitted to gamble from your territory.


TronVegas regularly sits in the top five according to data from – a fantastic achievement for a TRON DApp.

Impressively, the total volume of bets on TronVegas placed by users stands at a whopping 20m TRX – which is roughly $500k. Wow, just wow. It’s a leading TRON gambling app and well worth checking out.

With an easy-to-use website, a great user experience and more games to play than most other TRON casinos, it’s easy to see why TronVegas has become so popular with crypto bettors. Afterall, many sites offer just a couple of variants of games.

Speed is also a great reason to play at TronVegas, with a fun, yet fast array of betting options at your disposal.


Lovers of Texas Hold’em Poker will soon be able to play at TronVegas as they prepare to launch the popular card game. We are told it’s not too far away from launch and offers the chance to play peer-to-peer.

Thanks to being on the blockchain, all game play is of course provably fair so you can rest assured that you are playing fairly.

Before that, expect MoonRekt to launch fully once it has completed it current beta mode testing.


TronVegas’ whitepaper express its passion to speed up transactions, cut out high fees and offer a fully transparent experience for bettors to enjoy.

You can even follow the team on a wide range of social media channels, including Telegram, WeChat and Twitter




The Final Word

Tronvegas variety of games and the incoming arrival of more very soon means it’s not hard to love what they have to offer. As well as giving players more choice than most, they also give you the chance to earn as you play. It’s a thumbs up from us.

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