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TRON UP Review









A little unorthodox, tronup.Io doesn’t have a landing page and instead sends users directly to one of their games. However, being different is okay with us, so here’s our full review

If your games do the talking, then I guess there is no reason to have a snazzy landing page and menu bar to navigate.

Landing on you are faced with a slot game set to a backdrop of futuristic purple and blue themes, but there’s more.

Offerings at

The aforementioned slot game not only features those futuristic colours, but also bright neon wording highlighting jackpots, auctions and the game itself.

It’s the kind of nostalgic colour scheme that takes you back to classic slots, with their bright lights and engaging sound effects.

Much like old school slot games, the symbols have a similar feel. It’s glowing bananas, watermelons, bars and 777s.

The interface is easy to navigate, making choosing your stake, easy to determine. There are even buttons to help you raise your stake by 1/2 and by 2x depending on how your gameplay is going.

The team at has made the maths model behind winning understandable, too. Putting the multiplier value by each symbol.

For example, a winning wager on a watermelon pays 7.76, while those really spinning it lucky receive 23.28x their stake.

Players can also keep track of both rising jackpots as well as player leaderboards, both of which are highlighted on the right.

Both update in real time, giving that extra layer of engagement as well as competitiveness, with players sure to go head-to-head.

Unfortunately, this nostalgic slot is currently the only game available on the site, which is a bit of a shame.

However, a quick look to the left of the screen suggests there is a lot more to come, with three more games teased as coming soon.

These include the traditional table game poker, as well as their takes on TRON-focused casino favourites Dice and Moon.

Delving in to dividends

Those playing regularly at will be here that there is a dividend mining set up in place to reward loyalty and activity.

Players can receive three per cent of commission from each provably fair bet, which is awarded in the form of UP tokens.

Like most TRON casinos, these can be used to claim dividends from the platform’s profits, given players the chance to make more cash.

Of the profits, 50 per cent is transferred into the dividend pool, with a further 10 per cent added into the auction, jackpot and leaderboard.

A further 25 per cent is paid to the platform team and the referral pool, while five per cent is also paid to the recycle foundation.

To earn the dividends users need to freeze their UP tokens, doing so at anytime. Any unfrozen tokens can be withdrawn manually.

These withdraw able UP tokens will never expire but users can only choose to unfreeze all their frozen tokens at once. also claims to have developed the most efficient burning model in the world in order to control the total amount frozen.

That means players will see a proportion of their UP tokens burnt each time they claim the dividend pool.

There are also other ways UP tokens are burnt, so it’s worth checking out the full terms and conditions on site to get up to speed.​

Earn dividends

The UP token entitles you to a share of dividends, and is already trading on a couple of exchanges.

Cool slots

TRON UP’s innovative take on the classic slots game is one of the best we’ve seen anywhere.

Ongoing promos

TRON UP runs regular, ongoing promotions given you a chance to win more regularly.

Who is behind and what are their aims?

The team is built up of a number of Blockchain technology enthusiasts who have outlined a number of aims.

These include; building a decentralized ecosystem with multi-function, sustainable development, high income and good experience.

It also pledge to stamp out unstable profit of players to ensure a fair turn for all, as well as eradicate the unstable price of tokens in the exchange.

Those wanting a bit more familiarity with the team can follow them up Twitter as well as Telegram, both of which are advertised on site.

Is gameplay at safe and legal?

Like all Tron-based casinos, it’s built on the Blockchain meaning there is a complete history of each gameplay and transaction made.

This means players can trace their actions to show that it is fair. Of course, all games are completely random, so there’s no need to worry.

Being able to enjoy will depend where in the world you are. It’s important to check you are legally allowed to gamble.

That means in terms of both age and whether gambling is permitted in the territory you are playing from.



Tronup.Io only has two games at the moment but they are nostalgic, bright and engaging full of jackpots and chances to win. It’s a bit ‘empty’ at the moment in terms of offerings, but give it a few months and it should be competing with other casinos before you know it


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